“If I can awaken one to one’s own uniqueness,

Rouse the genius

Poke at the embers of one’s passion,

ignite that deep belly fire

that drives one to explore one’s own potential,

If I can reflect the Eternal light,

channel the power from on High,

then I will know that my art has surpassed itself

and prospered in the thing

for which it was bestowed.”




Kasalina is a choreographer, dancer & writer. Born Catherine Nakawesa, she was raised in Uganda and on attaining a degree in Electrical Engineering at Makerere University Kampala, 2005, Kasalina chose to pursue her passion for dance. She has since honed her art at various institutions including L’Ecole Des Sables Senegal, University of Cape Town and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance. An award-winning artist, she continues to perform at International festivals and to create dance works for both solo and group projects.

“These bursts of rigorous training in classical, traditional and contemporary dance techniques around the world stretched my movement vocabulary and set my imagination on fire!” Kasalina

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Made in Shenzhen. Created by Kasalina, performed with Rachel Hu. Photo by Marlon Villaverde.

On being awarded the prestigious Africa Centre AIR award 2016, Kasalina embarked on an artistic exploration of Shenzhen China, hosted by Handshake 302, July 2017. The residency culminated in an intriguing reality stage-show, in which Kasalina transformed her impressions of the mega-city into dance, poetry and live creation with stage & lighting designer, Rachel Hu. Kasalina had the privilege of collaborating with artists, makers and everyday city dwellers who are anything but ordinary.

They sang, “the first cut is the deepest.”
But what if there’s a new one every day?
Every morning,
Shenzhen shows me a new side of his face.
I am lost and found in her maze. 

Made in Shenzhen is created by Kasalina and performed with Rachel Hu
Live Music by Uncle Dai
Set design & Costume concept by Meowaski Studios, Rachel Hu
Body Art by Nadine, aka Akuine E.
Translation by Nancy Wong
Original Soundtrack by Marco Flagg

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